Brewing up Your Spellbinding Copy

Words are magical: the right combination can captivate, motivate and change minds.

As an English teacher with 13 years experience, I’ve mastered the art of crafting challenging topics into engaging lessons. 


As your copywriter, I will compose enchanting copy to bewitch your audience. 


I became a teacher to help students realize the power in the written word. I’ve watched as students discovered their voices and their passions in my classroom. Let me help you grow your passion too. 


    I can cast a spell to:

  • Increase you subscribers
  • Raise awareness about your brand/product 
  • Find new clients

What I do for you:

Digital Copy Services:
  • About Pages- Let the world know more about you
  • Webinars- Make your virtual classes efficient and impactful.
  • Newsletters- Highlight what you do best for all to see
  • And more! 
Print Copy Services:  
  • Brochures- Share quality information expertly
  • Postcards- Reach new prospects without being spammy
  • Magazine/Newspaper Ads- Catch the eye of even the fastest skimmer 
  • And more! 


What does a copywriter do?

As your copywriter, I write the words (copy) you need to help persuade someone into an action. 

This could be anything from buying your product, joining your email list or joining your organization. 

What is the difference between a copy and content writer?

Copy focuses on the business of persuading someone to take an action.

Content is designed to entertain or educate. (Blogs or e-books)

How much does it cost?

Each project is unique and I give custom prices based on your individual needs. 

I do provide a 20 minute free consultation to better get to know you and your needs.