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Each piece includes a description of the client, the purpose of the copy, tone and my solution.

Brochure: IB Program Information

Client: IB/MYP Coordinator of PWHS

Purpose: The brochure will be used to recruit students into the programs offered at the school. The coordinator wants to be able to take it to various recruiting events, be able to hand out something tangible and engage with the student rather than the parent.

Solution: A brochure with a catchy design will stand out to students. I focused on the need to know information, appealing to students desire to be in control, focusing on what they want to learn but also earning some college credit along the way.

The client also wanted to appeal to the parents by providing other information that students might not really care about but when they bring the information home, the parents could better understand the program.

In the future, we will have a website linked with a QR code so families can easily access more information.

Tone: Informative, Fun, Serious

Sales Page (Copy Only)-Spec Ad

Client: The client is a certified dog trainer who wants to sell her services online. She sees a real market for people who have busy lives but want to train their dogs.

This is a the copy for a sales page I am working on with a designer.

Purpose: The clients wants an evergreen marketing page, allowing people to join her program to learn how to train their dogs with not only her support but that of an online community.

Solution: I provided a sales page copy that would appeal to the busy, 20 something who just got their first dog, wants to train it but doesn’t have time to go to the weekly puppy classes. The copy focuses a lot on the benefits and bonding that come with the training. The client wanted them to understand not only the need to train a dog but the joy that comes with it. I did this by mentioning it in several parts. It was also important for them to see everything they will be able to do by purchasing the course, including the online community. Online communities are huge now and by running on, that gives this sales page a little boost.

I also wanted to focus on the value vs the actual cost. This will make the buyer feel like they are getting a great deal and put the trainer in their inboxes and on their social media. This could lead to more course purchases in the future or private training sessions if they are in her area.

Tone: Supportive, Playful, Go-getting

Kensington Dog and Cat Home-

Spec Ad

Client: The client a Dog and Cat Shelter.

Purpose: This about me section is built to inform the viewer about the mission of the animal shelter while driving up donations to help fuel the organization.

Solution: I focused my wording on appealing to people who are animal lovers. At the top, I make sure to let everyone know that the animal shelter only exists because of donations, which appeals to peoples pathos. I want them to feel the importance they have in these animals lives. The designer wanted to show off animals as this would really pull at the heart strings.

The designer and I also thought that the services would appeal to the donors. The would be able to see what the money is used for, beyond just helping animals.

Tone: Hopeful, Casual, Informative 


Self Designed About Me page

Stitch Fix Social Media Post-Spec Ad:

Client: Stitch Fix

Purpose: This post is designed to appeal to women in their late 20’s who are busy leading their best lives, building careers and rocking their social lives. They want to keep up with the latest fashions but lack the time or know how.

Solution: The idea is to grab the attention of the target audience while they are scrolling after a long day. I wanted to avoid shaming them for being busy and instead focused on the benefit of Stitch Fix doing the shopping for them so they can keep doing what they are doing but still have the look they desire. I wanted to touch on the pain points while providing an easy solution.

Tone: Direct, Suppurative

Book Coach Webinar: Script/Slides-Spec Ad

Client: A book coach wanting to grow his online business.

Purpose: The webinar teaches the basic outline structure for writing a novel. It provides real, actionable steps to take to plan a novel. At the end of the call, the client is offering a deal on booking a private call to help a person write their own outline for their novel. The hope is then to drive them to purchase more sessions with him as their writing coach. 

Solution: I wanted to provide my client with a webinar of helpful and actionable tips that would benefit anyone who watched it but also show off his skills as a book coach. I made sure to match the way he spoke so his script would be easy to follow and he would not struggle over this. I used my knowledge as a teacher to pass the course, providing enough information at each portion without being overwhelming or vague. I also wanted to provide time for questions as his target audience is newer authors who will be eager for free guidance.

This webinar also provided him with more emails for his newsletter.

Tone: Matter-of-Fact, Educational, Confident

Product Descriptions for Celestial Seasonings-Spec Ad

Client: The organization is an organization that provides teas from around the world.

Purpose: Each tea is designed for a specific purpose while mentioning their most prominent ingredients in the descriptions.

Solution: I focused on providing the ingredients while sticking with the theme of the tea itself.

Tone: Calming, Relaxing, Informative

Sample Product Descriptions